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Your blog is great! Do you plan on going to graduate school/if so for what?

Not sure yet! If I do go to grad school, it will most likely be for either theatre or neuroscience.

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hi sarah! i'm taking ap chemistry this year, and i'm struggling to say the least. i want to do well on the exam, so would you mind if i ask what you did to prepare for the ap test? (and if you're comfortable- your score?)

My AP Chem class got seriously disrupted — my teacher had to stop teaching a few months into the school year due to serious medical issues. We got a replacement teacher, but since it was so short notice we got someone who didn’t really know much about the material. I essentially taught myself out of the Barrons AP review book. 

I ended up with a 4, which I was okay with. I do think I could have gotten a 5 if I had a legitimate teacher, though. 

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do you think that colleges take absences into consideration? i have a medical condition that causes me to miss A LOT of school (i believe it was around 20 days last year) and it just occurred to me that it could hinder my chances of going to my first choice. i take some honors classes and my gpa is a 3.8 but do you think that the absences would hurt me?

Make sure that your guidance counselor mentions in his/her recommendation that your absences were health-related, and you’ll be fine. They’re not going to penalize you for health issues. 

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Are the international students given equal opportunity to do research?

Everyone is required to do research, so yes!

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are u willing to edit essays???


2/2:Princeton isn't too great if you're looking for an Anthro-based four-field approach to archaeology. The inclusion of archaeology into the Art History department made it hard to get into grad schools for anthro archaeology. I had a really easy time getting into art historical archaeology programs, though. You have to kind of get creative and plan ahead for what kind of archaeology you want to do.

1/2: I saw this question/response in the #archaeology tag, so as a recent alumnus of Princeton who is at graduate school for archaeology now I thought I'd add a quick answer. I graduated in 2012 through the Archaeology track in the Art History department. Officially, that's where the archaeology program is located. However, Princeton is kind of out of date in this respect, as most graduate schools put it in their anthro department...

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do you know anything about the archaeology program at Princeton? thanks :)

I don’t, unfortunately! The department’s website is here: http://www.princeton.edu/artandarchaeology/

I’d suggest you take a look around, see if it can answer any of your questions. If you visit campus, drop by the archaeology building — people are usually willing to talk to prospective students about programs and whatnot. 

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I was accepted SCEA to Princeton and I'm so excited! I I'm curious about the foreign language requirements (I'm planning to major in a humanities field). From what I can tell from the website, 3-4 semesters are required--is that correct? Which are considered the "easier" ones? Do you have to have prior experience to begin any of the languages? Thank you!

First of all, congrats!! Princeton’s a wonderful place, and I hope you end up coming! Let me know if you have any more questions :)

I honestly don’t know much about the foreign language requirement, because I placed out! I believe you need the equivalent of 3-4 semesters, but that doesn’t mean you actually have to take all of those semesters at Princeton. I got a 5 on my AP Spanish exam, which was enough to exempt me from Princeton’s foreign language requirement all together. If you’re not taking an AP language class, you can take a placement test via Princeton over the summer, which will let you know how many more semesters you need to take. If you do relatively well on the test, you’ll probably only need to take 1 or 2 semesters.

I’m not sure which languages are considered the easiest, but you certainly don’t need to have prior experience to begin! There are introductory level courses in all the languages. I’ve heard great things about the Portugese department, but I’ve never actually taken any classes there myself.

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I got deferred to RD for Princeton :c I see people planning to send in letters to explain why they want to be accepted or additional recommendation. Would it be helpful or would it just annoy the admission office?

It would definitely be helpful. It makes a huge difference to let the admission office know that you really want to be there.